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Intec ColorSplash printer
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Intec Printing Solutions offer a superb choice of modular CMYK digital printers in the ColorSplash and CP3000 ranges.

Intec ColorSplash CS3000 digital printer

ColorSplash CS3000

The CS3000 puts professional, quality digital colour print within the reach of lower volume users who require the functionality normally associated with more expensive solutions.

Main features

• Most affordable digital printer in range
• Modular system
• 10k starter toners • 24k standard toners
• Ideal for printing up to 2k A3 sheets per month

Intec ColorSplash CS3100

ColorSplash CS3100

The CS3100 is a stand-alone storage system which comes complete with bespoke storage stand - placing the printing unit at the perfect operational height.

Main features

• High capacity digital printer
• Modular system for extended feeding
• 10k starter toners • High yield toners
• Ideal for higher volume commercial printing

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