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A range of modular accessories for ColorSplash digital printers

The ColorSplash range of digital printers is supported by a range of modular accessories and options to maximise the system’s capabilities and enhance productivity and quality.  Click here if looking for ColorSplash downloads.

Complete with storage, this accessory provides the perfect working height for the ColorSplash printer.

Stock code: CS45530806

ColorSplash 3 drawer stand

This ColorSplash dedicated printer stand features 3 x full size trays which can be loaded with varying size and types of media. Perfect for streamlining usage for a multi-user environment and also documents requiring mixed media types.

Holds up to 520 sheets of 80gsm media.

Stock code: CS45530805

Intec ColorSplash banner extension unit

This accessory easily attaches to the ColorSplash printer and enables media of up to 1.3m long to be fed smoothly into the multi-purpose tray. The media’s path can be directed through the print engine to exit back onto the banner extension tray so it can lay perfectly flat during production.

Stock code: CS45531003

Recommended as part of the professional envelope production solution, this accessory is easily rolled into position and engaged with the print engine via the MPT port.

The device stacks from the top and feed is drawn from the bottom to enable continual printing – and holds up to 1,000 envelopes. The speed of envelope delivery can be adjusted by a variable speed control whilst the unique jogging backrest encourages presentation of each envelope. The unit features a self-centring guides mechanism to ensure perfect presentation of every envelope into the print engine via the MPT port. Furthermore, the patented ‘buckle separator’ ensures that even window envelopes pass through the production system seamlessly.

Stock code: CSEPP2

ColorSplash shingling conveyor

Also recommended as part of the professional envelope production solution, this accessory is easily rolled into position and positioned at the exit port, in readiness to receive printed envelopes. 

The ‘envelope present sensor’ detects the arrival of envelopes and activates the drive of the conveyor system. Envelopes are transported along the conveyor and stack into a fanned line ready for quality control inspection and packing.

Stock code: INTCON3

FireyXF image 

Link the ColorSplash system to the Fiery® XF RIP for superb color management and workflow – and you have a game-changing system to compete with the best.

System includes; Bespoke Fiery RIP software, RIP pod, PC workstation and 19″ flat screen monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Stock code: XFEFISYS

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