ColorCut FB8000PRO Generation 2
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ColorCut FB8000PRO - high productivity automated cutting

The FB8000PRO is a turnkey solution for unattended and automated stacking, feeding and cutting of absolutely any shape paper/card item. Perfect for packaging or sheet labels, and is targeted for higher production environments.

NEW Mk3 model features 50% more pressure for stunning creasing!

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Unattended and automated production

When volume production matters…

The ColorCut FB8000PRO comes in to its own!

The FB8000PRO can run unattended, cutting and creasing almost any printed promotional item, to absolutely any shape! In auto sheet feeding mode, the cutting table accommodates up to one SRA3 (Tabloid Plus) – or two sheets in manual placement. 

The auto sheet feeder delivers precise media handling and can stack up to 25kg – up to 2,000 sheets of printed media.

The FB8000PRO cutter uses a high resolution CCD camera to scan registration marks and also read QR codes to identify and automatically retrieve the associated cutting file from the ColorCut Pro’s Job Library. 

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Stack up to 25kg / 2,000 sheets

Automated & syncronised feeding

Perfect media pick up and placement onto the cutting table.

The advanced ASF8000 auto sheet feeder delivers precise media handling for a perfectly synchronised, high speed, digital die cutting system. This enables users to stack up to 25kg – up to 2,000 of printed media, which is loaded on to the cutting mat using a pneumatic feed system with vacuum pick up suction pads and a sophisticated air blade system, to help eliminate miss feeds.

Up to 1.5kg of force for stunning creasing!

Crisp cuts & deep creasing

FB8000PRO Mk3 advanced technology, consistently delivers perfect results.

Ideal for volume packaging, card, point-of-sale items and label production.  The dual tool head performs both cutting and creasing functions in one operation. Stunning creasing is now delivered through an increased 1.5kg of force to the creasing tool.

FB8000PRO Product information hub:

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