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Perfect, precise, productive.

The Intec ColorCut BC480 is an affordable and fast business card cutter. Setting new standards in cost, flexibility and speed, the BC480 works alongside any digital printer, or even digital photocopier, to produce professionally-cut business cards – automatically, easily and fast

  • Cuts 250 x cards from SRA3 sheets in approximately 96 seconds!
  • Adjustable cut lengths and widths
  • Cut mark registration compensates for image shift, to deliver incredible accuracy!
  • Sheet edge sensing to set cut position
  • Fixed or custom card sizes with a selection of interchangeable cassettes
  • Auto stack feeding or set number sheet feeding enables automation of process
  • Suitable for A3+, SRA3 and A3 paper sheet sizes
  • Cuts up to 350gsm

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Versatile, fast multi-card cutting 
Whether used by a small business or large printing company, the Intec BC480 automates and simplifies business card production – cutting an SRA3 sheet of 21 x cards in just over 8 seconds.   This enables users to cut 250 x business cards in only 96 seconds! 

Ultra accuracy is standard
Able to sense the sheet’s front edge, the BC480 cuts at precise intervals, as required. In addition the unit can scan for a cut registration mark placed on the printed sheet and will adjust itself to the image, automatically producing the perfect cut every time. 

Business cards and beyond…
The BC480 can also cut post cards, compliment cards, appointment cards and custom card sizes, using pre-set programs.

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Paper handling: A3+ (320 × 480mm), SRA3 (320 × 450mm), A3 (297 × 420mm)

Max thickness: 0.25mm (180g/m²) – 0.35mm (350g/m²)

Cutting methods: 
Longitudinal: cut by self sharpening slitting cassette
Horizontal: cut by lateral guillotine cutter

Cutting dies: 
Longitudinal 85mm. Optional slitting cassettes: 89/90/95mm
Horizontal: (50/54)mm or 1 to 600mm adjustable

Cutting speed: 
8 seconds per SRA3 / 96 secs for 250 cards (85 x 55mm)

Cut position control: Front edge detection or SmartMark (Cut Registration Mark) detection

Cut position accuracy: +/- 500 micron

Paper capacity: 
Max.12 sheets (0.35mm thickness) or total thickness 3mm

Output tray card capacity: 
180g/m² 90×3 (pcs), 350g/m² 70×3 (pcs)

Operating temperature: -15°C ~ +40°C humidity 35% ~70%

Weight: 15Kgs

Power supply: AC 110-220V 50/60HZ, 0.5A

Dimensions: (W x L x H) 390mm × 280mm × 250mm

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Intec Mark Baker-Homes
Mark Baker-Homes
Director business development
BC480 Business card cutter
Cuts 250 x cards from SRA3 sheets in only 96 seconds!
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Compact desktop device
Suitable for A3+, SRA3, 12 x17", 12x18" and A3 paper sheets sizes
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Perfect, precise, productive
Cuts 250 x business cards in only 96 seconds!
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Total control
Front edge detection and cut mark registration, deliver perfect accuracy!
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Pre-set and Custom sizes
19 Pre-set templates
10 Custom templates
for a wide range of card shapes
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Interchangeable cutting cassette
Cutting cassettes for: 85mm, 89mm, 90mm & 95mm widths with self-sharpening cutting wheels
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