Sheetfed label cutting & finishing

Sheet label cutting

The Intec ColorCut CC500 is a superb digital label cutter that cuts any shape label on sheet label media.
Pair this with the CS3000 digital printer, for the ultimate entry-level, one-stop label printing and cutting solution.

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  • ColorCut CC500 is a digital sheetfed cutting device
  • Totally digital – no more cutting dies required
  • Works direct from your desktop
  • Supports A4 – SRA3 (US letter size to tabloid plus) media sheets
  • Cuts absolutely any shape
  • Vision-Control® software follows vector lines drawn in Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®
  • Cuts a typical SRA3 sheet of different shape labels in around 30-40 seconds
  • Sheets picked up via pneumatic suction 
  • Media separated by dual fans
  • Output tray collects finished sheets

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Flatbed digital die-cutting for packaging and labels

With four models in the range Intec has a flatbed cutter to suit most needs! Digitally cut and crease card and boards of any shape with one of the range of ColorCut flatbeds on up to 600 microns. Ideal for cartons, presentation folders, swing tickets, point-of-sale and much more!

The Intec ColorCut Flatbed series of cutters, sets new standards in cost, flexibility and speed. 
Three models are on offer in the flatbed range; the FB520, with a cutting area of 520 x 350mm, the FB600 for up to 600mm x 450mm and the larger FB900… ColorCut Flatbed cutters deliver digitally cut; card, paper, synthetics and labels of any shape, direct from your desktop. The pneumatic vacuum hold-down table secures media in place, whilst the integrated optical sensing system provides accurate registration of media, ensuring crisp, accurate crease and cut lines.  

No cutting dies required

Using advanced digital contour cutting technology, the Flatbed series follows artworked cut lines drawn in Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW® – which means there is no need to purchase and wait for traditional dies to be made. Digital cutting is an ‘on-demand’ process, simply click ‘CUT’ and the sheets are produced to any shape, instantly and directly from the desktop.

Two tools enhance productivity with folding lines as well as cut lines
The Flatbed series utilises a dual tool cutting head. This enables both tools to operate simultaneously for processes such as cutting and creasing, in one operation – reducing operation time and improving productivity. Whilst the first ‘cut’ tool makes the actual full-depth cuts, the second ‘crease’ tool, scores all fold lines with its ball head, thus avoiding the exposure of paper fibres through printed areas. 

Versatile and fast, sheet fed packaging production

Targeted to the light production sector, the Flatbed series cuts a typical SRA3 sheet in just 30 – 40 seconds. This enables users to easily produce anything from 10 – 1,000 SRA3 sheets per day.

Label production too
The Flatbed series also performs perfectly for sheet label cutting – cutting absolutely any shape desired.

ColorCut CC500
Compact and flexible - Auto feed a stack of up to 100 SRA3 sheets
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Cut any shape label
Digitally cut
absolutely any shape label
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Vision control camera
Provides registration and alignment accuracy
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Pneumatic suction feed
Suction pick up with air blower for media separation
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Matrix removal
Easily remove waste material from full sheet of any shape labels
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Auto feed sheet capacity: 100 sheets or more!

Sheet separation: Air powered, variable jet stream separation

Feeding system: Production style, vacuum feed utilising pick up and
advance pneumatic fingers, with variable suction
control which can be tuned to different media types

Media alignment: Media table, slide adjustment for size with self-centring guides

Media width (min-max): 279 – 350mm (10.98″ – 13.77″)

Media length (min-max): 279 – 350mm (10.98″ – 13.77″)

Power: 55w / 100v-240v auto-switching

Weight: 8.5kg


Feeding system: Digtal servo drive

Mountable tools: 1 tool, with dual positions for either kiss cut labels (rear position), or cut through packaging prototypes (front position)

Cutting system: Contour cutter, with up to 2.94 N (300gf) delivered in 31 steps programmable through Intec Vision-Control cutting software

Blade type: Super steel, long life or ceramic (optional) for softer materials

Productivity (cutting speed): 15 secs – 45 seconds per SRA3 sheet (average 30 seconds – depending upon complexity)

Cutting margins:
Top: 20mm. Bottom: 5* – 10mm. Left: 14mm. Right: 5* – 10mm
* On lighter stocks it is advisable to use the higher values

Software application: Intec Vision-Control registration and productivity software (PC only (Windows x32 and X64) Win 7, Win 8.x, Win 10)

File formats: Accepts CorelDRAW EPS files and native Adobe Illustrator files (save as v8 and below)

Connectivity: USB (1 connection to PC is required)

Registration system: High resolution CCD vision system consisting of a camera, which reads the registration marks on the media, and compares the position with the original value from the digital file. The Intec Vision-Control cutting software then acts accordingly to correct the linear and angular positional differences but automatically adjusting the cut lines

Registration marks: 4mm x 4mm square registration mark (2 marks required: origin at top of sheet, and scale/skew at end of sheet)

Power: 120VA / 100v-240v auto-switching

Weight: 10.5kg


LxWxH: 1220mm x 680mm x 270mm

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