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FB9000 PRO

Auto Digital Die Flatbed Cutter/Creaser

Ultra-fast performance, automatic Digital die flatbed cutter with class-leading forces for both die-cutting & creasing.
Intec’s premium, FB9000 PRO Automated Digital Die Cutter, delivers lightning-speed performance and unparalleled media control and has a highly sophisticated – but user-friendly production functionality.

Advanced component technology delivers creasing forces of up to 1.5kg and a cutting force of up to 1.2kg – perfect for media up to 1,000 microns.

Automatic and unattended productivity

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Flagship digital die-less cutting

The ColorCut FB9000PRO Automatic Digital Die Flatbed Cutter is our premium model

The FB9000PRO is a highly advanced digital die flatbed cutter that can operate at speeds of up to 1,200mm per second, delivering ground-breaking cutting and creasing forces – and performing on media up to 1,000 microns!

Stack and set the FB9000PRO to run unattended, cutting and creasing almost any printed promotional item, to absolutely any shape! Supporting digital print industry-standard SRA3 (Tabloid Plus) media, the system can also run larger media (SRA2 and up) when required. Another advanced feature is its ability to feed in either landscape or portrait mode. Automatic Digital Die Flatbed Cutter

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Set up, stack, and produce! 

Free-up valuable operator hours by letting FB9000PRO do the work for you…

The auto sheet feeder delivers precise media handling and can stack up to 25kg – up to 2,000 sheets of printed media.

The FB9000PRO Automatic Digital Die Flatbed Cutter uses the high-resolution Vision3 CCD camera to scan registration marks and also read QR codes to identify and automatically retrieve the associated cutting file from the ColorCut Pro’s Job Library. Easily run a stack of mixed designs – the supplied ColorCut Pro software will faultlessly retrieve each cut file for each sheet in the session.

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Crease at forces up to 1.5kg
and cut with up to 1.2kg of force

Tackle heavier-weight projects at ease with FB9000PRO’s superior functionality!

The advanced components and technology incorporated within the FB9000PRO deliver the best creasing possible and expand the range of media options and project types that can be cut. 

Stack and auto-feed up to 2,000 sheets

Advanced AirBlade technology ensures media separation for perfect feeding.

High-capacity stacker/feeder features quad (4) pneumatic suction pick up for media. Sheets may be placed in either portrait or landscape orientation. Potential stray media is returned to the stack thanks to air pulse knockdown nozzle assembly.