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Intec ColorCut FB9000PRO Automatic flatbed cutter - Digital automated flatbed cutter for cut through packaging and kiss-cut sheet labels

Automatic flatbed cutting

Stack up to 25kg of printed media with synchronised delivery to the cutting table. Dual tools to cut and crease any shape. Unattended production for short to medium runs. FB9000PRO

Intec ColorCut T-Series FB1180T B1 digital die - flatbed cutter creaser for packaging Point of Sale and label production

Flatbed cutting devices

Flatbed digital die-cutting for packaging and labels. Digitally cut and crease card and boards of any shape with one of the range of ColorCut flatbeds on up to 1000 microns, or up to 3000 microns for the FB1180T.

SC6500 Automatic digital cutter creaser

Automatic sheet cutting

Blending sheet fed and flatbed technologies – SC6000 and the NEW SC6500 crease as well as cut! Perfect for both digital-die cutting & creasing of lightweight card – as well as kiss-cutting sheet labels.

Intec ColorCut LC600 automated label cutter

sheet label cutting

Digitally cut any shape labels ultra fast. Digital process means no more costly dies. QR code/Job Library retrieves associated cut files – even for mixed job batch sessions.

LCF700 Roll to roll label cutter finisher

LCF700 Pro Roll-to-roll label cutter finisher

The compact ColorCut LCF700 Pro, is a roll-to-roll label cutter & finisher that performs perfect contour cutting, lamination, matrix removal & slitting.

Intec ColorCut Pro Server Station

ColorCut Pro
server station

The innovative features of Intec’s ColorCut Server Station will streamline the entire cutting process, increase workforce productivity, reduce costs – and increase profits

ColorCut – Accessories, parts,
and label media

A full range of ColorCut accessories: cutting blades and blade holders, cutting mats and cutting strips, silencers, and even digital label media – all in stock and ready to ship the same day.
Intec ColorCut Flatbed accessories - blades

Blades & tools

Blades, cutting, creasing & calibration tools

Precision accessories & parts

A range of precision accessories and parts to optimise all ColorCut cutting systems. Blades, cutting, creasing & calibration tools
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Sheet label media

SRA3 digital sheet-to-sheet solutions

Sheet label media

Intec’s new range of SRA3 sheet label media is compatible with all toner based digital production presses including; Konica Minolta, Xerox, Canon and of course Intec presses.
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Cutting mats

Green self-healing and grey felt cutting mats. SC LC cutting strips

ColorCut Cutting surfaces

ColorCut Green self-healing mats - Ideal for obtaining crisp cuts on thinner materials. ColorCut Grey felt mats - Perfect for achieving deeper creasing lines/ cuts on thicker substrates.
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