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Accessories for the ColorCut range

The Intec ColorCut Flatbed series of cutters, comes complete with a full range of accessories and spare parts to support the range.

Made for Colorcut

Precision accessories and parts

A range of accessories and parts to optimise all ColorCut cutting systems.

Contact the Intec consumables sales team for advice and placing orders on the complete range of ColorCut accessories, from: cutting blades, blade holders, cutting mats, cutting strips, silencers and even digital label media – all in stock and ready to ship same day.

Cutting accessories information hub:


These ultra-sharp and hard-wearing blades come in two types and three blade angles, as a pack of three of the same kind.

Yellow 30° 1mm ø – For film, very soft material, thin label material

Red 45° 1mm ø – Typically for labels, stickers, and thin paper/card

Blue 60° 1mm ø – For thick media. Sharply angled tip provides a longer cutting edge, for cutting media from 0.5 to 1.5 mm thick


Red 45° 1.4mm ø – Most packing board up to 500 micron. Circlip provides better pressure and improves blade direction changes on dense media, from 0.25 to 0.5 mm thick

Blue 60° 1.4mm ø – For thick media. Sharply angled tip provides a longer cutting edge, for cutting media from 0.5 to 1.5 mm thick


This tool is double-ended, offering a choice of tips for either wide or narrow creases, as desired. Again, precision engineered this tools sits in the dual tool head.


This precision engineered component sits in the dual tool head and holds the cutting blade of choice.

The tool is manually adjustable to obtain the desired amount of ‘blade out’ for the job in hand.


This tool is used at set up and then periodically, to calibrate the cutter.


Green self-healing mat is manufactured from a particular rubberised compound enabling blades to sink into its surface without causing surface damage. This mat is ideal for obtaining crisp cuts on thinner materials. Vacuum suction flows through the perforations to hold printed sheets in position.

Grey felt mat is perfect for achieving deeper creasing lines and cuts on thicker substrates. The natural density of the fibres allows the vacuum flow to pass through it for sheet retention.


Reduces sound level of vacuum pump.

Supplied with all flatbed models apart from the FB580, where it is available as an optional extra.

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