Dorset-based Printers, excited about new business potential!

“Being able to cut and crease absolutely any shape – on up to 350micron board – it’s just perfect! ”


Nichole Biggs 
Tony Bowyer Printing
Image of Tony Bowyer with his Intec SC5000

Polish distributor cultivates business with positive attitude

“FB8000PRO delivers premium quality and speed”


Riset Poland

Intec Megraf Poland logo

Without Intec, we'd have no business!

Damian Hodgson 
Managing Director – PartyBagCoUk

“The FB8000PRO has hugely improved our productivity process, we can respond immediately to fulfil our eBay shop orders”

PartyBags logo

Intec PartyBag carton

ColorCut flatbed cutters – view range

Flatbed cutter supplied to Polish online print platform

“Orders get placed – from anywhere in the world – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Riset Poland

Siedem Drukarnia logo


Cutting prototype packaging on the FB8000 auto sheet feeding flatbed

“This means we can produce a single prototype or even a whole batch of samples, quickly and on-demand – and with the confidence that they will resemble exactly the final job.”

Whitebox Studios logo

ColorCut – ColorFlare – ColorSplash

Automated flatbed cutter, revolutionises productivity at a stroke!

Intec supplies THREE systems: Producing higher-quality packaging, increasing profit margins, minimising turnaround times.
Client also discovers new and exciting niche product opportunities!

“Our current success just would not be possible without the new kit from Intec!”


Ancestors Group of Dover logo
Ancestors of Dover Historic Royal Palaces packaging

ColorCut flatbed cutters – view range

Bespoke, on-demand playing card tuck boxes:
Cut, creased, assembled,
and enjoyed worldwide.

“Our ColorCut flatbed cutter seriously helped revolutionise our business by increasing productivity & creating new opportunities”

Heriiage Playing Cards logo

ColorSplash – ColorFlare – ColorCut

Printing, metallic foiling & cutting to shape. Love it!

Intec supplies THREE systems, enabling customer to retain all production processes in-house, reduce costs and increase quality! 

“The quality and functionality of the Intec kit is really helping us satisfy the high expectations of our fantastic customers.”


ColorFlare decorative effects – view range

Metallic foiling, lamination & holographic effects

ColorFlare ‘Saves Money and brings in exciting new business’ for long-established commercial print firm. Wedding stationery book paves the way…

ColorCut flatbed cutters – view range

400 micron carton creased and cut to an exact shape. Each personalised, too!

Intec distributor for Sweden produces 150 personalised pieces for successful open house.


And we're busy preparing even more case studies…