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LCF700 Pro – Roll to roll label cutter finisher

LCF700 Roll to roll label cutter finisher

The Intec LCF700 Pro, is a roll-to-roll label cutter & finisher that performs perfect contour cutting, lamination, matrix removal & slitting.

Fully automated, ultra fast roll-to-roll label and sheet-fed label production, with the ColorCut LCF700 Pro.

Label finishing at its very best! We are proud to announce the next-generation digital label finishing solution.

The LCF700 Pro was developed with performance, flexibility, and affordability in mind, to provide the perfect finishing solution for your roll-to-roll and sheet-fed labels.

This model is a superb union of the LC700 automatic label cutter and the high specification LF700 Roll-to-Roll label roll finishing frame. Together as the LCF700 Pro system it features an immersive LCD touchscreen control panel, and tactile controls for precise, powerful and easy control of all functions.

Incredibly versatile and highly productive!

This incredibly versatile hybrid production system includes easy roll loading for lamination, digital contour cutting, matrix removal and roll slitting (optional). It can also switch to sheet-fed mode for extra flexibility!

By combining robust engineering with precision registration the LCF700 Pro reads printed pagemarks and QR code for instant cut job retrieval. Coupled with auto-tracking technology, that continually measures roll position deviation and dynamically and actively adjusts the roller mandrel axis to ensure complete cutting accuracy and finishing performance.

Finally, lamination provides bright punchy colours, additional glossiness and scratch resistance with the extra benefit of increased UV stability

  • Digital process means no more costly dies
  • Roll widths up to 330mm wide and 350mm diameter
  • Automatic tracking technology that continually measures roll
    position to dynamically adjust for cutting accuracy
  • Linear cutting speeds up to 10.5m/min dependent on label
    design and roll width*
  • QR code/Job Library retrieves associated cut files – even for
    mixed job batch sessions
  • SmartMark registration delivers incredible accuracy
  • Laminate rolls to provide surface protection and light fastness
  • Convert rolls with final job slitting – up to 5 rolls
  • Run jobs from computer or from a USB drive

LC700 Auto Sheet fed Sheet Cutter Engine

Media sizes – sheet fed: Max: 330 x 750mm Min: 150 x 190mm
Media thickness: 0.14mm (140 micron/140g/m²) – 0.35mm (350micron/350g/m²)
Auto-sheet capacity: Up to 250 sheet auto-sheet feeder
Max speed/Max force: 1060mm/s 750gf
Registration system: Vision3 – High resolution CCD vision system ARMS 8
Contour cutting: Full HPGL vector cutting compatible with SMARTMark opto-electrical line sensor
Mountable tools: Single tool holder supports cutting blades (30°, 45° & 60°) and pen calibration tool for auto-calibration
Cut position accuracy: +/- 100 micron

Minimum PC specification: Adobe® Illustrator® CS6, CC2024 – CC2024 or CorelDRAW® X8, 2017 – 2024 Graphics Suite
ColorCut Pro 5 Plugin – PC: Adobe® Illustrator® CS6, CC2024 – CC2024 or CorelDRAW® X8, 2017 – 2024 Graphics Suite
ColorCut Pro 5 Plugin – Mac Client: Adobe Illustrator® CC 2022 – 2024.Mac operating systems: Big Sur to Sonoma
ColorCut Pro 5 Standalone – PC Only: Job server – enables jobs created by the ColorCut Pro Plugin above to be cut at any time

Power supply: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz, 320W average 4.2A
Weight (unpacked): 39kgs
Dimensions: 690mm x 530mm x 450mm W D H

LCF700 Pro Roll-to-Roll Label Cutter System
(Comprising LC700 cutter and LF700 Frame)

Maximum label length: 420mm (16.53”)
Mandrel core diameter: 76mm (3”)
Maximum input and output roll diameter: 350mm (13.78”)
Material web width: Up to 330mm (12.99”)
Registration system: 2 marks with QR code
Test cut function: Available
Slitting: Up to 6 blade slitting – supplied
Lamination: Inline lamination when required
Rewind mandrels: One – matrix removal
Weight (unpacked): 290kgs
Dimensions: 1,600mm x 740mm x 1205mm W D H
Power supply: 110~240V AC, 50/60Hz, 320W, 4.2A