Intec ColorCut Pro Server Station

Maximising workflow & productivity
for ColorCut users

The innovative features of Intec’s ColorCut Server Station will streamline the entire cutting process, increase workforce productivity, reduce costs – and increase profits.

Server Station product information hub:

Making workflow more productive!

Hello central hub!

The Server Station acts as a network hub for the design studio and production cutting and finishing department.

The Server Station is a hardware workstation & software bundle compromising of, an ergonomic, free-standing workstation pre-installed with additional the ColorCut Pro software suite which includes:
• Production Studio + additional user licence  • Template Manager  • Job Library Manager

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Intec ColorCut Server Station workflow flow chart

Networked users

Creative and production users, connected via the network, can be located anywhere in the organisation.

Mac and PC users use the hub to send their cut jobs from the ColorCut Pro client on their graphic design PCs &/or MACs, directly to the Server Station’s Job Library. ColorCut operators and their devices have instant access to all cut files, as well as being able to implement advanced functionality available via the ColorCut Pro Job Library Manager.

Template Maker

Create your own digital cut files

Template Manager

As of version 4.00, this plugin allows networked design studio users to produce bespoke cut files to suit their projects prior to adding artwork. The designer simply enters the overall L x W x H dimensions for their package and the plugin calculates all the inner dimensions, folds, creases, tucks and flaps. The vector box template file is exported and the design content can be added on another layer, within Adobe® Illustrator® or CorelDRAW®.

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