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Digital roll to roll label cutting at its very best

This incredibly compact Intec LCF215 unit includes easy roll loading for lamination, contour cutting, matrix removal and slitting.
  • Finish your digitally printed labels reliably at impressive
    speeds of up to 3 metres per minute
  • LCD touch screen control panel and toggle joystick
    More flexibility to create your own shapes and sizes
  • Use DIRECT-CUT, driven through Adobe®
    Illustrator® or
    CorelDRAW® for contour cutting of rolls into any shaped
    label instantly!
  • Laminate labels to provide additional surface protection
    and light fastness
  • Short webbing path for quick and easy removal of waste
  • Up to 25% faster operation!

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Label cutting and finishing at its very best!

Intec Printing Solutions are proud to announce the next generation LCF215 digital label finishing solution.

The LCF215 was originally developed with performance and affordability in mind, to provide the perfect finishing solution for labels produced from the Intec range of digital colour label printers.

This next generation model now features a superb LCD touch screen master control panel, a tactile toggle joystick for precise sensor positioning – and performs up to even faster than before!

This incredibly compact unit includes easy roll loading for lamination, contour cutting, matrix removal and slitting. Combining robust engineering with precision registration, with the ability to select from one to three registration points, it ensures complete cutting accuracy and finishing performance.

Cut and finish absolutely any shape label

Using unique contour cutting technology, the LCF215 can cut any shape on demand, meaning that there is no limit to the creative possibilities now available to label designers or for your own stock labels.

Class-leading cutting accuracy is achieved through the implementation of the SMARTMark Optical Registration System, where multiple marks are read by the LCF215 to automatically adjust the cut file – compensating, not only for the start of a label but also any skew or scale issues that may have been caused by material instability.

Finally, lamination provides bright punchy colours, additional glossiness and scratch resistance with the extra benefit of increased UV stability.

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Maximum label length: 335mm (14″)
Minimum label length: None
Mandrel core diameter: 76mm (3″)
Maximum input and output roll diameter: 200mm (8″)
Material web width: 102mm to 216mm (4″ to 8.5″)
Recommended roll length: 153m (500 feet)
Make ready waste: 1.2m or 4 feet
Adjustment force: 50 to 550 grams / 5 grams
Contour cutting: Full HPGL vector cutting compatible with SMARTMark opto-electrical line sensor
Cutting technology: Pivoting carbide tip at 30 (standard), 45 or 60 degrees
Registration marks: 1 to 3 marks
Test cut function: Available
Slitting: 3 blades supplied with machine. Additional blades can be purchased for up to 5 blade slitting
Lamination: Inline lamination when required, with a choice of gloss or matt laminate
Rewind mandrels: One
Consumables Contour cutter knife blades and cutting strips
Cutting management tools: DIRECT-CUT plug in for Adobe® Illustrator (CS3 and above) and CorelDRAW® (Windows PC versions only)
Connectivity: Ethernet 100 Base-T or USB 2.0
Weight: 85kg, 185lbs
Size: (HxWxD) 58.2mm (23″), 790mm (31″), 575mm (22.6″)
Power: 100-240vac, 900watts
Certifications: CE, ROHS, WEE, HI-POT, FCC
Warranty: 12 months standard

mm long
cuts up to 335mm long labels!
LCD touch screen controls
Now easier to navigate and perform functionality
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Toggle joystick
More accurate positioning control of optical sensor
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Optical sensor
Optical sensor reads up to 3 registration marks which ensures the best accuracy in the industry
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Blade slitting
Up to 5 blades can be set to slit label media
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