2020: Our 30th anniversary year.

2020: Our 30th anniversary year.

Intec celebrates 30 years in business and takes appropriate steps to combat coronavirus pamdemic

And adjusting to ensure a positive future – in the face of the coronavirus pandemic…

Intec has a very bright future for 2020

Word from the MD:

Certainly in my lifetime, I cannot recall seeing the entire global population, being faced with such a huge common issue, as we do now – with the advent of the  COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic!
As a company, Intec took the precaution of reacting immediately to UK Government advice, regarding COVID-19 and how to protect both its personnel and its customers.  Putting appropriate measures in place, Intec is already in a very good position to move forward confidently with its day-to-day business.

Having made adjustments to cater for; staff health, reduction of possible infection transmission, practicalities of travel and put plans in place to minimise personal contact with external sources –  the company is now, very much open for business and will endeavour to provide the highest possible continuity of service, for all concerned. 

Ian Melville, managing director – Intec Printing Solutions

Moving ahead. The future looks very bright, for Intec. As Intec enters the first quarter of its new fiscal year, we reflect upon a very successful first thirty years for the company, with an array of great new products in the development process, a very successful February and March with record orders and a full order book – and we all awaited (postponed) FESPA 2020, the major international trade expo, to be held in Madrid, as a springboard for the prospects of a very busy year ahead. 

But then, the Coronavirus emerged and has quickly taken a grip on all walks of life, both personal and commercial – and changed our entire futures, for everyone.

It is of course, with much regret that we see immense personal and business suffering, impacting around the world – and our hearts go out to all those affected. However, the future, here at Intec, is looking positively rosy! 

Our 30th anniversary. The year 2020 sees the beginning of our fourth decade – as we continue to grow into one of the worldís leading manufacturers and suppliers of printing and finishing equipment.

Intec has invested significantly in a brand new cloud-based telephone, email and IT infrastructure – also, additional/expanded premises at its UK headquarters – and new staffing, to acquire and support the expansion of our growing global dealership network.

New products to look forward to. The past 18 months has seen a shift from actual printing – towards print finishing and embellishment.  We are extremely excited about how the new Intec product ranges are developing. The ColorCut range is very much a part of our key focus, with a brand new sheet label cutter about to be launched – plus a number of other new products following on – which will be revealed later.

Thank you for your support. In these unprecedented times of change and the need to adapt to survive, I would personally like you to now, that you all have my support and best wishes.

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