Intec’s innovative protective face shields keeps businesses productive

Intec’s innovative protective face shields keeps businesses productive

As the global Covid-19 pandemic changes our world Intec Printing Solutions has found an innovative way to help printing and finishing companies continue to be relevant in these difficult times – enabling them to supply their clients with products they REALLY need.

Known for manufacturing a range of cutting solutions for label and sheet based products that are typically used by printing companies to make packaging, point of sale, wedding stationery and folders.  Intec Printing Solutions is helping printers realise they can do much more than just cut card or label media.

In conjunction with the recently launched FB8000 PRO automated sheet fed cutter, Intec has unveiled a Royalty Free Face Shield cutting design available for download from their website, complete with visor and head band which is ideal for emergency / protective disposable face shields suitable for care homes and the health sector.

Intec has been delighted to partner with Active Window Films ( who are already using Intec cutters and making these face shields for health care workers and have repurposed their production to solve the growing demand for the face shields.

Download the face shield files by clicking here

What makes the Intec FB8000 PRO highly desirable is that it is fully automated and can cut a visor in up to 25 seconds, enabling almost 1,000 face shields to be made per day. The FB8000 PRO is made for busy organisations that want unattended, automated yet versatile cutting to expand the products they offer customers, key features include an automatic feeder that holds up to 2,000 sheets of media (depending on thickness) from its media stacker and can cut up to 600 micron card or even plastic substrates such as PET, Polypropylene or PVC from 100 micron up to 400 micron.  To make the system even more attractive to printing companies, the FB8000 PRO includes a job recognition system that retrieves cut files and cuts the correct job for each sheet loaded.

The FB8000 PRO including the auto feed system and the cutting software is already a highly affordable cutter but Intec wants to support businesses further by offering an additional subsidy to help companies that wish to use the system to supply face shields.  This makes it attractive both now; to provide the much needed emergency PPE supplies for the current crisis while attracting new customers and also keeping business flowing in these difficult time, as well as also providing a fantastically affordable opportunity to acquire one of these versatile cutters to help you retain more customers and improve your profit margins when business returns back to normal.