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LCF215 contour label cutter finisher

LC700 Automatic Label Cutter

LC700 Automatic sheet label cutting machine Fully automated, sheet label production with the ColorCut LC700.Kiss-cut any shape. Ultra fast! The new ‘on demand’ ColorCut LC700 Automatic sheet label cutting machine – Fully automated for unattended production is designed to provide automatic sheet label cutting for digital print production users, with NO die’s or setup costs. …
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LCF215 contour label cutter finisher

LCF700 Pro – Roll to roll label cutter finisher

LCF700 Pro – Roll to roll label cutter finisher The Intec LCF700 Pro, is a roll-to-roll label cutter & finisher that performs perfect contour cutting, lamination, matrix removal & slitting. Fully automated, ultra fast roll-to-roll label and sheet-fed label production, with the ColorCut LCF700 Pro. Label finishing at its very best! We are proud to…
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Automatic sheet label cutters

Automatic sheet label cutters LC330 Auto label sheet cutter Created for users wishing to enter into sheet label production, the LC330 uses the standard ColorCut ecosystem and cut files which are uniform across the range, providing an excellent upgrade path for users as they grown in their business. LC600 Auto label sheet cutter Digitally cut…
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LC330 Label cutting machine

LC330 Automated label cutting machine. The LC330 Automated sheet label cutting machine offers complete and unattended label cutting production for your busy print department.  Combining a reliable automated sheet label feeding system with instant QR job retrieval, for effortless, precise, kiss-cut label cutting on media up to SRA3 at lightning-fast speeds. LC600 Automated label cutting…
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SC7000 Pro-T Auto sheet cutter

SC7000 Pro-T and XL version Auto-feed digital cutter with superb tangential wheel creaser Email enquiry Book a demonstration ColorCut SC7000 Pro-T automatic, unattended sheet cutting & creasing, for lightweight card, packaging, P.O.S and kiss-cut sheet labels. SC7000 Pro-T XL – B2+ wide format version available A dual-tool Digital Die-Cutter, featuring a tangential wheel creaser and…
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ColorCut legacy

Intec Legacy products Intec legacy products!: FB520, FB600, FB700, FB900 and FB1060 Intec legacy products Manuals, user guides and software Installation manual for legacy flatbed cutters Click icon to download manuals for; FB520, FB600, FB700, FB900 and FB1060 flatbed cutters. ColorCut Pro2 user guide Click icon to download previous version of ColorCut Pro2 user guide.…
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FB580 Digital cut and crease B3 flatbed die cutter

ColorCut FB580 – B3 digital flatbed cutter

FB580 B3 Digital-die cutter/creaser The Intec ColorCut FB580 flatbed cutter is our entry-level model, featuring the same striking design DNA as the rest of the new generation flatbed series. This is a high-specification B3 cutting table device with a compact footprint and a cutting table that accommodates up to one SRA3 (Tabloid Plus) sheet and…
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FB780-T Digital Die Cutter and Tangential Creaser

ColorCut FB780T – B2 flatbed cutter

Intec ColorCut FB780-T B2+ Digital Die Flatbed Cutter and Tangential Creaser,20 Cut and crease in one action with high force tools! Unique in the market – nothing else can touch it for price per feature! The NEW FB780-T is the world’s first B2+ digital flatbed cutter providing the ultimate crease and precision cutting for…
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Intec’s new T-SERIES kicks off with the FB1180-T tangential digital flatbed cutter/creaser

ColorCut FB1180-T. Large format digital flatbed cutter for prototype and light production work.

Introducing the new FB1180-T B1+ tangential digital die cutter. It is precise enough for kiss cut labels yet powerful enough for fluted boards, and a diverse range of media in-between!

Sporting a new 4 tool head, the digital flatbed cutter is perfect for on demand prototype pieces and light production runs, cutting and creasing up to 3mm thick media. The new quad tool head includes 2 passive contour/drag cut and crease tools PLUS 2 active tangential tools using a new deep cutting tangential blade and tangential crease wheel. The operator just needs to select the right tools for the job in hand.

The FB1180-T offers 2 working modes; DIRECT – using Intec’s industry acclaimed ColorCut Pro software direct from a PC or HELD mode (standalone operation) where jobs can be stored internally on the cutter or from a USB stick, so anyone can cut sheets placed on the flatbed! Simply place the flatbed at any point of a production environment, click SCAN on the 7″ touch screen and run!

All Intec cutters offer instant job processing when reading a QR code and page marks printed on a sheet. However, this is no longer necessary with a fantastic new feature now included on the FB1180-T; page edge detection. Page edge detection enables processing of printed jobs, from the rear of the sheet where there are no QR codes or page merks printed – producing accurate cutting and creasing every time.

Terri Winstanley, Intec marketing manager, “The FB1180-T is a very exciting leap forward for our digital cutter range. This model is the first of a series of cutters to offer a new 4 tool head that includes tangential tools, for deeper cutting and creasing of thicker substrates. It also hosts the new high-powered controller and expanded graphics interface that will be seen on all our digital die-cutters.”

Amazing performance, ease of operation, and an affordable price make the NEW FB1180-T a clear choice with no other contender at this feature/price point

SC6500 Intec Auto-feed Digital-Die Cutter

Intec launch new SC6500 Auto-Feed Cutter

The SC6500 enables digital, on demand cutting and creasing, at a truly affordable price point for a range of applications. This allows printers and manufacturing operations to quickly and easily adapt any artwork, to cut shapes without a physical die and can be placed at the end of a production line. Its aims to provide a sensible and cost-effective solution for the manufacturing and production sector of the market, with its new ‘no wires’ working approach.

Providing rapid processing of card projects up to 350micron, packaging and kiss-cut labels, the system boasts a 1,000 sheet auto-feed stacker, vacuum suction pick-up belt and media collection tray to offer true, unattended production. Coupled with this, the new SC6500 provides excellent media feeding with a range of new features included in the new Media Control Centre to ensure faultless feeding. Features include; gravity restack timing and stack height adjustment, sheet separation with air-blade power adjustment, vacuum belt pickup control and sheet transport speed settings.

Mark Baker-Homes, Intec general manager states, “The SC6500 is a very exciting new addition to our compact digital cutter range. This model is the first release that hosts a new high-powered controller and expanded graphics interface. The SC6500 is packed with a host of new features and its energy efficiency is second to none! Because of this it can be used as a standalone device, placed anywhere there is a power source, in any production or manufacturing environment!