Cut prototype samples on demand, or 1000s in one session!

Cut prototype samples on demand, or 1000s in one session!

Intec cutters

Intec ColorCut flatbed digital cutting tables are among the most affordable in the world and enable printing firms to keep their cutting, creasing and perforation work in house!

ColorCut FB550
ColorCut FB550- Entry level B3 cutter
accepts 1 x SRA3 sheets
Intec ColorCut FB750 B2 flatbed cutter
ColorCut FB750 – B2 cutter
accepts 2 x SRA3 sheets

The ColorCut FB550 and FB750 represent two of the most affordable models in the range. Both feature small footprints and would be very easily accommodated in any print shop. All models feature a dual tool carriage head for both the creasing and cutting tools, enabling these tasks to be performed in same production session.

Acquiring an in-house cutting facility could be the perfect way forward for many printing firms, as the world starts to return to normal and the demand in new print and finishing work takes off!

Being 100% digital, there is no need to send out for costly and time-consuming traditional cutting dies – everything is driven from the supplied ColorCut Pro software, which interprets vector artwork via the job’s unique QR code. Samples and prototypes can be cut on-demand, which is great for trialling new design shape and proofing customer orders – no is no financial outlay on traditional dies and the samples can be produced within minutes – easily modified to achieve perfection. Likewise, both cutters can be deployed to cut a full quantity of pieces and will happily work all day long.

The selection of supplied blades and the control available over system settings, means the operator can produce anything from swing tickets and point-of-sale items to cartons, tabbed index dividers, bespoke wedding invitation packs and even PPE visors!

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