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ColorCut SC5000 - Automatic sheet cutter

ColorCut SC5000 automatic sheet cutter
Cut AND crease!

The dual tool head contains a cutting tool AND a double-ended scoring tool.

Articulated control panel

Adjustable to suit all users.

Fully mobile

Easily wheel the SC5000 away after use.

Stowable catch tray

Slide out when in use, slide in when finished. 

900 sheet stacker

Automated stacker with revolutionary suction belt for faultless feeding.

Cut-through OR Kiss-cut

Cut-through up to 350micron card. Or kiss-cut sheet label media.

"The SC5000 is quite simply, a stunningly cost-effective automated sheet fed digital cutter, for cut-through of any shape on lightweight card, paper and even the kiss-cutting of sheet labels. Request your own personal virtual demonstration…"

Automatic sheet cutting & creasing, for lightweight card, packaging,
P.O.S and kiss-cut sheet labels

A truly revolutionary new type of automated cutter – filling a massive gap in the print finishing marketplace. 

There is currently no other model available worldwide, that offers 100% reliable high-volume auto feeding, along with a dual tool head for both cutting and creasing. The SC5000 is a seriously professional and productive machine, that even weighs-in at around the same low price-point as its  nearest rival! SC5000 offers automatic sheet cutting & creasing for lightweight card packaging P.O.S & sheet labels

Blending flatbed and sheet fed technologies, the all new ColorCut SC5000 Automatic sheet cutter is perfect for both digital die-cutting and creasing light-weight packaging and P.O.S card and paper projects – as well as kiss-cut sheet label production.

The all new ColorCut SC5000 is an ‘on demand’ digital sheet cutter with no dies or setup costs. Targeted for busy print departments, seeking an affordable, high-capacity device for complete unattended cutting production, the SC5000 combines ultra-reliable feeding with an instant job retrieval system and flawless high-speed cutting.

High-capacity and ultra-reliable feeding. The SC5000 has been designed to provide unattended operation with particular attention paid to the feeding system to ensure class leading performance for card, vinyl labels or even tricky laminated sheets.

Easy to use automatic job retrieval – no skilled operator required for cutting! When creating jobs, ColorCut Pro applies an auto assigned (editable) QR code to each design, whilst auto-saving the cutting file to the ColorCut Pro Job Library.

The SC5000 blends the dual tool cutting and creasing abilities of flatbed technology with automatic sheet fed functionality – all within a precision engineered, compact free-standing device with an easily manoeuvred ergonomic space saving design.

This latest addition to the ColorCut family combines many features of digital cutting and creasing taken from ColorCut’s flagship flatbed range, including the high-speed functionality of its automated sheet fed models but, at a more affordable price point.

Complete standalone operation – even with a stack of mixed jobs

In today’s busy print environments, the SC5000’s 8th generation Vision3 CCD camera offers an unparalleled production advantage, able to read and instantly retrieve cut files for every sheet on the fly! It can accept a mixed stack of jobs, cutting one after the other in a seamless and uninterrupted flow.

Its dual ‘Grip and Drive’ feed system holds the media during cutting, on both sides of the cutting head, enabling it to cut closer to the media edges than most other types of sheet cutter.

• The revolutionary cutting strip, based on the superior cutting mats used in Intec flatbeds was developed to offer the optimal surface for both cut-through, creasing and kiss-cut work, suiting both of the production tools. With the cut sheet being in constant high-speed motion, minimal SmartTags are left in the cut lines to retain the item in the sheet – leaving a tidy and manageable stack of finished, complete sheets in the catch tray.

•  High-capacity auto feeder works in conjunction with air blade separation and automated jog function, to present every sheet perfectly for the cutter, every time.

ColorCut Pro Production Studio software is supplied as standard and offers remarkable digital productivity for the designer and machine operator alike.

  • Digitally cut-through any shape sheet card item – with SmartTag retention – on up to 350 micron media
  • Kiss-cut sheet labels
  • Cut speeds up to 960mm/sec
  • Digital process means no more costly dies or wasted waiting time
  • Auto feeder stacks up to 1,000 80gsm sheets. Up to 340mm (13.38″) x 520mm (20.47″) and custom sizes – with self centring function and airbladelite© separation
  • ColorCut Pro – Production Studio software included
  • QR code/Job Library retrieves associated cut files – even for mixed job batch sessions or rotated sheets
  • SmartMark registration delivers incredible accuracy – enabled via the supplied ColorCut Pro software


Media handling:
A4 (210 x 297mm), A3 (297 × 420mm), SRA3 (320 × 450mm), A3+ (320 × 480mm)

Custom sized media:
Media width (min-max): 180mm x 340mm Media length (min-max): 279mm x 520mm

Job recognition:
Advanced QR code technology for instant file recognition and registration

Stand: included

Media thickness:  0.14mm (140 micron) – 0.35mm (350 micron)

Auto-sheet capacity: 900 sheets


Mountable tools: dual tool functionality – 4 tools supplied as standard: Blade holder, creasing tool & pen calibration tool

Force/pressure: up to 750g delivered in 190 steps programmable through Intec ColorCut Pro cutting software

Maximum speed: up to 960mm/second


Registration system: Vision3 – High resolution CCD vision system reads the registration marks on the media, comparing position with original digital file. Automatically adjusting cut lines to correct any scale or skew positional differences

Cut position accuracy: +/- 100 micron

Auto job recognition: Instant cut file retrieval, supported through QR code job recognition in conjunction with ColorCut Pro 3 software (supplied)


Weight: 115kg
Dimensions: when in use – 790x 1350 x 1270mm (31 x 53.14 x 50 inches)

Varied or mixed job recognition: Yes

ColorCut Pro

ColorCut Pro is a stand-alone application with a plugin, that can be installed on remote computers anywhere within the workflow environment, to perform contour cutting of paper card and synthetics. Intec supplies this with all ColorCut models to offer a complete turnkey solution.

For creatives the application enables artworkers to generate barcoded or QR coded cut files with associated job numbers, as an integral part of their design, for instant job recognition and file retrieval.

For print finishers the ColorCut Job Library enables users to retrieve previously prepared cut files into their workflow, without the need to launch Adobe® illustrator® or CorelDRAW®. This is typically used in a production environment, remote from the design studio.

SC5000 digital sheet cutter
Cut any shape on lightweight card
or on sheet label media
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Auto feeding media stacker
Auto feed up to 1,000 sheets
even mixed jobs for unattended production!
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900 sheet capacity
Huge capacity media stacker, self-levelling platform with self-centring guides
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Dual tool holder
Enables simultaneous cutting AND creasing
as well as tool calibration
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Cut AND crease
any shape carton
On lightweight card up to 350 micron
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Kiss-cut any shape label
Kiss-cut absolutely any shape label
on any sheet label media
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Cut mixed batches of jobs
QR coded artwork enables instant file retrieval of associated cut files - on the fly!
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Articulated control panel
Immersive, fingertip control to suit any user
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Air blades & sensor
Top sheet is detected by LED sensor
and separated from stack by air blades
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Suction media pick up belt
Revolutionary continuous suction belt
for faultless media pick up and feed
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Stowaway catch tray
Easily deploy or stow media catch tray
for compact unit footprint
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Compact footprint
Compact enough to fit any workspace
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FAQ SC5000 slice

Intec listened to its customers, who said there was a huge gap between; simple, cheap cutters (that could not crease, and also fell foul of problematic feeding), and those sophisticated cutting & creasing systems (that were way above their budget).

Intec invested R&D into producing an extremely affordable and highly capable device to fulfil that criteria – and then some!

Not only does the SC5000 have dedicated tools for cutting and creasing, it sports a revolutionary new suction belt pick up system for faultless feeding – along with a huge 900 sheet capacity automated stacker. Amazingly, the SC5000 weighs-in at around the same price-point as those inferior cheaper cutters…

Good question: It means that once the job set up has been made, the SC5000 will run automatically – feeding and cutting – without an operator in attendance.

Simple. Owing to the sophistication of the software supplied with the cutting device, the cutter can easily handle a stack of mixed jobs. The Vision3 CCD video camera reads the QR code on every single sheet it is presented with and instantly retrieves the cut file associated with that job. This is seamless and takes no time at all – even if sheets happen to be placed into the stacker at 180°

Definitely! The dual tool head carries both a cutting AND a creasing tool, which can apply up to a class-leading 750g of force. There is currently no known device in this class to offer this facility.

Via the supplied ColorCut Pro software, the SC5000 can be set to cut, crease, perforate and score any shape required – each with varying degrees of force and speed. Furthermore, these tasks can be set to perform in the user’s preferred running order.

  • Yes, the SC5000 can produce superb kiss-cutting for sheet labels, and this is a significant benefit of this automatic sheet die-cutter.  However, you might be more interested in the ColorCut LC600, which is a dedicated sheet label cutter, designed specifically for this purpose.

Please do not worry! All our products are designed to be intuitive and as simple to use as possible. We supply appropriate training for every machine we manufacture. This can be delivered face-to-face at your premises, or in our showroom. We can even supply remote support via zoom and TeamViewer. We also have a library of downloadable manuals and help guides to refer to and a series of useful videos. Our technical support team are also available to assist our customers, should that be required.

Intec carries huge stocks of parts, spares and consumables for all machines. These can be despatched same day of order.

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