CF2500 Automatic Lamination and foiling machine
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ColorFlare CF2500 Automatic lamination and foiling system

Add coloured metallic toner foils, or lamination including digitally over-printable, & holographic effects, to transform ordinary print into premium print.

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Professional foiling & lamination system ​

Create ‘extra-ordinary’ results!

The innovative ColorFlare CF2500 raises ‘ordinary’ print work to the ‘extra-ordinary’!

The Intec ColorFlare CF2500 for today’s printers who demand stunning results with that extra ‘wow’ factor – the ColorFlare delivers more than just classleading lamination. Metallic, coloured, patterned or holographic Premium decorative effects for digital solutions style flaring foils can be added to digitally printed materials in either spot or flood treatments.

This decorative effect is known as ‘flaring’, and traditionally, costly custom dies would be required to create these effects. However, ColorFlare can deliver instant and affordable results – and with upgraded hydraulic pressure, an even wider choice of media is now suitable for great results!

Even further advanced effects can be delivered by combining special corona treated laminates with decorative effect flaring foils. Clever compound treatments deliver ultra-premium results – all from one
compact device!

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