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ColorFlare CF1200 range

The innovative ColorFlare CF1200 range raises ‘ordinary’ print work to the ‘extra-ordinary’!​

Easily add stunning metallic foils in a range of colours, or lamination including matt, gloss and digitally over-printable soft-touch, as well as a wonderful range of holographic effects – to transform ordinary printed sheets into ‘extra-ordinary’ premium print work.

  • NEW Even more pneumatic pressure
  • NEW Ships with premium finish flaring assembly*
  • NEW Level, +5° or +10° inclined delivery table
  • NEW Lamination pull roll control
  • Advanced dual process for lamination and foil flaring technologies for digital applications
  • Multiple jobs and flaring effects possible with just 1 machine
  • up to 10 metres per minute
  • 2,500 SRA4 sheets per hour
  • Burst separation wheel
  • 100 – 400gsm / micron
  • No need to have traditional UV coating for diverse effects

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Easily add decorative creativity to printed sheets

The upgraded Intec ColorFlare® is a compact and environmentally-friendly, dual laminator and foil-flaring device, designed to offer an in-house decorative effects solution for short-run, on demand digital applications, as well as lamination for traditional litho output too! With the ability to laminate and foil-flare straight out of the box, this high-quality production unit will soon start earning its keep, and you, a great reputation!

ColorFlare CF1200 model range

The CF1200 model range includes: CF1200, CF1200L and CF1200LX.

CF1200 is the base model and as with all ColorFlare models, it delivers superb foiling, lamination and holographics. All models feature the easy-to-use touch control panel, and the innovative ‘burst separation’ system ensuring clean perpendicular trims between sheets. Current models now also ship with the up-rated air compressor and new ‘pull roll control’ function for improved foiling results.

CF1200L is one of the most popular models, featuring the new ‘extended inclined delivery table’, perfect for enhancing semi automatic feeding and also long media. Furthermore, this model comes with the ‘premium finish flaring assembly’, which helps achieve a superior mirror finish when foiling large areas – as well as all the standard features of the CF1200 base model.

CF1200LX is the flagship model and features all of the above, plus it also comes with the advanced ‘2nd flaring roller assembly’, which allows a laminate and a foil roll to be resident on the machine at the same time – reducing set up times and enabling a much faster switch between media.

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Laminating speed: 1.5m/min ~ 10m/min
Base substrate thickness: 100 ~ 400gm2
Front roller diameter:
Top: high glossy chrome 100mm
Bottom: silicon 80mm
Rear roller diameter: Silicon 55mm
Power requirement: AC 220~240V, 50/60Hz, 12A
Power consumption: 2.8kw
Warm-up time: 5 minutes
Heating system: Infrared heater
Laminating temperature: Maximum 150°C
Temperature control: Capacitive touch screen
Speed control: Capacitive touch screen
Display system: LCD Panel
Roller pressure: Pneumatic cylinder
Film core size: 77mm (3″) / Dual – 58mm, 50mm
Air compressor: 100 psi maximum pressure,
3.2 CFM open flow (50 Hz)
Temperature sensing method: Thermo-couple inserted in the
roller shell
Net weight: 187kg


This model has the same technical specification as the CF1200:

  • plus the extended, inclined delivery table
  • premium finish flaring assembly for smoother foil output


This model has the same technical specification as the CF1200:

  • plus the extended, inclined delivery table
  • premium finish flaring assembly for smoother foil output
  • 2nd flaring roller assembly

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Foil & gloss lamination
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Metallic foiling
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Matt lamination
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Spot gloss film
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Metallic foiling
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Metallic foiling
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Metallic foiling
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All ColorFlare devices add metallic foiling, lamination and holographic effects to printed sheets
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"As the financial controller of the business, I have to ensure that we invest wisely and can keep expenditure under control - but the very fact that the machine would pay for itself simply by keeping the cost of our business card lamination in-house, made the decision a total ‘no-brainer’ for me!”
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Lee Bowyer
Tony Bowyer Print, Bournemouth

Three models in the ColorFlare CF1200 range

Intec ColorFlare CF1200


The ColorFlare
base model

Intec ColorFlare CF1200


+ Extended, inclined table
+ Premium finish flaring assembly

Intec ColorFlare CF1200


+ Premium finish flaring assembly + 2nd Flaring roller assembly

Decorative media options

ColorFlare consumables are manufactured directly for Intec. They offer class leading affordability, providing some of the most technically advanced laminate and foils available today, ensuring the highest quality results on litho graphic and digital prints.

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