FB775 B2 Digital Die Cutter
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ColorCut FB775
B2+ Digital die cutter

The premium ColorCut FB775 digital die flatbed cutter is our mid range model. Incorporating a B2+ cutting table for large format sheet cutting, a QR code job retrieval and registration scanning system, which opens the associated cut file, and ensures your packaging, POS or labelling job is cut with outstanding speed and accuracy by the advanced, high-speed, servo motors that enable consistent and productive cutting. The enhanced dual-tool cutting head delivers up to 1,500gf pressure for creasing and 1,200gf for cutting – and cuts through paper/card up to 1,000micron, opening up new possibilities with its ground breaking design.

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Next generation
premium B2+ digital die cutter

ColorCut FB775 – Fast, Powerful, Affordable! 

The premium Intec ColorCut FB775 B2+ Digital Die Cutter is the second largest and latest addition to the highly successful digital die flatbed range.

Manufactured with premium components for high quality, reliability and class leading performance, reinforced with the aesthetic styling of the sweeping control panel dashboard, which includes a state-of-the-art 5″ immersive touch panel control.

Intec understands, ‘Time is Money’, so productivity was a core theme running through the design, therefore while the large B2+ cutting table is perfect for larger format work, we wanted users to be able to place multiple jobs on the table and let the cutter do the work for them.  So, the sophisticated ColorCut Pro software (included) with the FB775 features a truly innovative ‘Productivity Mode’ enabling N-up sheets – even when mixed jobs are placed on the table – in this mode the FB775 will cut the first sheet, auto find and locate the next sheet, identify the cutting file required (if it is different), cut & crease and then move on to the next sheet. 

This is the perfect partner for your business to deliver truly professional digital cutting, creasing and perforation, of any shape, on a range of materials up to 1,000 micron.

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Image of the Intec FB775 Digital Die Cutter

Creating more possibilities 

Working with a broader media choice and offers solutions for more end applications.

Incorporating an enhanced dual tool cutting head delivering up to 1,500gf pressure, opens up new possibilities through ground breaking design. Users also benefit from the very latest in advanced high-speed servo motors for accurate, fast and productive cutting and creasing.

Thanks to advanced high-speed servo motors

Latest technology delivers greater speeds and higher resolution actions – even on media up to 1000 micron.

The technologies employed in this next generation of ColorCut flatbed cutters offers the perfect combination of engineering quality, technical specification and ultra-high performance – resulting in maintaining ColorCut reputation of pioneering evolution at the forefront of the industry. 

Touch screen interface for ease of operation

Enhanced specification! 

An advanced digital die cutter with an enhanced specification.

This is a high-specification B2 and larger cutting device with an effective cutting area of 480mm x 715mm. The cutting table accommodates up to one SRA2 sheet or two SRA3 and is ideal for bigger jobs and medium production.

Cut and crease almost any printed promotional item – and also, to absolutely any shape! The cutter comes complete with purpose-built stand, 2 cutting mats, dual tool head which delivers class-leading forces up to 1.5kg with mountable for cutting, creasing and calibration tool, a selection of cutting blades, large immersive touch screen control panel, powerful 750W vacuum fan and silencer.

Intelligent job handling!

This premium FB775 digital cutter is an ideal mid-size cutter with greater productivity. Featuring the Vision3 CCD camera that reads QR codes printed on the job, instantly retrieving cut files for every job, and also reads SmartMarks to ensure accurate registration to your printed sheets.  Other benefits include a live view of the cutting heads progress, within the ColorCut Pro Production Studio user interface.

Supporting larger than B2 sheets, the cutting table can be maximised to accommodate multiple SRA3 and SRA4 sheets for continuous production, when using ‘Productivity Mode’ – where even mixed jobs can be read and cut in seamless perfection.

The range also includes the FB575 and FB1175. See an overview of the Flatbed range page here.

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Cut and crease in one action with high force tools!!

Advanced, Precise, Productive! 

Intec ColorCut. A future-proof investment.

All ColorCut flatbed cutters are digital, enabling users to react instantly and on demand to any market opportunity. No need to wait for the making of costly conventional dies – users can start cutting immediately from suitable vector artwork.

ColorCut Pro software supplied as standard

This software reads vector artwork lines via the CCD camera, which retrieves the associated cutline from the Server’s Job Library. SmartMarks ensure accurate registration to the printed sheets. This software gives the user sophisticated control over the entire cutting and creasing process – even enabling cut line modifications to be made on the fly.

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