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Automated cutters - means higher productivity!

The ColorCut range of digital cutters complete with automated feeding, ensures continuous un-manned production.

ColorCut LC600 automatic sheet label cutter

ColorCut LC600

Automatic sheet label cutter
Digitally cut any shape labels at up to 960mm/sec Digital process means no more costly dies. QR code/Job Library retrieves associated cut files – even for mixed job batch sessions.

ColorCut SC5000 automatic sheet cutter

ColorCut SC5000

Automatic sheet cutter
Blending sheet fed and flatbed technologies - SC5000 creases as well as cuts! Perfect for both cut-through & creasing of lightweight card – as well as kiss-cutting sheet labels.

Intec ColorCut FB9000PRO Automatic flatbed cutter - Digital automated flatbed cutter for cut through packaging and kiss-cut sheet labels


Automated flatbed cutter
Stack up to 25kg of printed media with synchronised delivery to the cutting table. Dual tools deliver 1.5kg force to cut and crease any shape. Unattended production for short to medium runs.

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